Ski Movie Review – After Dark

This weekend I got a chance to view Level 1 Productions new movie, After Dark. I have been watching Level 1’s movie’s for many years now and they always give me tons of inspiration for the upcoming season. After Dark was no exception to this and left me feeling anxious to get back on the snow. This movie had a quality soundtrack with a wide variety of music that I felt complimented the skiing very well. Although I was not all that keen on the theme for this movie, the skiing definitely made up for it.

One thing that I was worried about this year was the fact the Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut were no longer filming full-time with Level 1 due to the fact that they were working on their own project with Inspired Media. Casabon still managed to put together a very short segment and Harlaut had one unreal shot. Although I was a little disappointed that I did not get to see more of their skiing, I feel that Chris Logan, Parker White, and Alex Bellemare did a great job in stepping up to the plate and filming some of the best segments in the movie. All three of these kids are relatively unknown and definitely underrated, but are sure to be remembered and anticipated in years to come after their performances in After Dark.

Some other standout segments included Ahmet Dadali, Mike Hornbeck, Sun Valley Idaho jump segment, and Wiley Miller. I was surprised to see that Tom Wallisch had a shorter than usual segment but still showed off his rail skills in his urban segment with Mike Hornbeck and Ahmet Dadali in Russia.

Overall, I feel that Level 1 did a great job this past season in producing After Dark. I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoys seeing a majority of park and urban skiing but also likes to see a few big mountain shots as well. However, if you prefer strictly big mountain lines and massive cliffs then this is probably not the movie for you.


About jedidiahkravitz

I am a full-time student at the University of Nevada, Reno where I study my passion of entrepreneurship and management. I hope to take this passion and mix it with my knowledge of skiing in order to create a business of my own within the freestyle ski industry.

2 responses to “Ski Movie Review – After Dark”

  1. joefalore says :

    Did you go to the moment factory for this? I wanted to go so bad but the game did a toll on me. Anyways, great review, I’ve been anticipating this one for some time now so I’ll have to check it out soon!

  2. jedidiahkravitz says :

    Thanks Joe, I did go to the Moment Factory to check it out and they did a great job hosting the premiere. They projected the movies outside on the side of their building so that everyone could see really well and it was a great atmosphere. Plus they were offering dollar beers all night long which is pretty hard to beat.

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