Lack of Social Media in Skiing

I have been involved in the social media world for about two months now and one thing I have noticed is the lack of good social media campaigns for many ski resorts and companies. There are definitely some exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, companies in this industry should look at improving their use of social media. Here are the two biggest problems that I noticed:

1.) Lack of blog or fresh/relevant content: I noticed that many companies either fail to have a blog or to keep the content in their blog fresh and relevant. A blog is a great tool to pull customers into your site and keep them coming back. Many blogs that I have looked at, either have not been updated in months or lack relevant content. The point of a blog is to establish your expertise and show your value so that the customer can gain something from reading your posts. Therefore, if you are a company that is in the business of selling ski’s, then you may want to create a post about how to properly maintain your ski’s throughout the season or how to decide what ski is right for you. Whatever the case, I feel that many business’s in the skiing industry need to create more effective and up-to-date blogs that demonstrate their value. As a result, they will receive more traffic and sales at their website.

2.) The second problem that I noticed, was companies failure to use twitter correctly. Many companies that I have tweeted about have failed to tweet me back or thank me for re-tweeting their content. To me, this is an immediate turn-off to that company. Twitter is all about a two-way relationship where someone can receive real-time answers and comments to their questions and feed back. Therefore, companies need to put more effort into creating a better personal relationship with their customer. By simply taking the time to thank someone for the re-tweet or write a short personal message to them, it will create an ever lasting loyalty that will never be won through simply broadcasting your message out to the masses.


About jedidiahkravitz

I am a full-time student at the University of Nevada, Reno where I study my passion of entrepreneurship and management. I hope to take this passion and mix it with my knowledge of skiing in order to create a business of my own within the freestyle ski industry.

7 responses to “Lack of Social Media in Skiing”

  1. Kendra Wilson-Change Agent says :

    I agree Jed! I’ve become especially frustrated with resorts not responsing to my complaints regarding snowskate policies via social media. Kirkwood is AWESOME though. I blogged about this a little while ago.
    But you are sooo correct! Good content!

  2. jedidiahkravitz says :

    Thanks Kendra! Resorts simply ignoring your complaints via social media is the worse thing that they can do. They may as well not have ever tried to enter the world of social media if they were not going to use it properly. That being said, I read your post regarding Kirkwood and it’s great to see at least some get the picture!

  3. stephen krcmar says :

    Cool post, Jedi. And a good reminder — at Mammoth we’re ready to take one of your concerns to heart: gonna start doing more blogging this winter.

    Pray for Snow!


  4. Adam Partain says :

    As a long-time user of the sierras for my skiing and snowboarding shenanigans, I have to agree that resorts are not tapping the potential free marketing and exposure that proper social media practices have to offer. Out of all the things people could blog about, snow conditions, prime resort zones, park setups, ski/board tuning, events… The topics are endless to write blogs about and yet I just don’t see it often enough. Great post this week Jed. Ill keep checking in!

  5. Bret L Simmons (@drbret) says :

    Ask our guest speaker, Milena Regos about this on Monday, October 24. This is her specialty

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