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Should park passes be mandatory at all mountains?

When I first heard about a park pass I thought that it seemed like a major hassle and a waste of time. A park pass is something that some resorts have began to require in order to have access to their freestyle terrain. In order to acquire one of these passes you must first watch a video that teaches you how to be safe while skiing in the park. Some resorts may charge a small additional fee to get one of these passes as well. If you are only visiting a place for a short amount of time I can understand why you might not want to waste your precious vacation time learning about park safety, but there can be many benefits to such a thing.

The most important thing about a park pass is that it will stop clueless people from skiing through the park without any regard to the dangerous freestyle terrain that surrounds them. Too many times, I have seen people cut across landings of jumps or stand in unsafe spots that could not only get themselves injured but could cause injury to others as well. People need to be educated on the proper ways to handle yourself while skiing in a freestyle terrain park in order to maintain a safe environment.

Not only will the park pass make resort’s terrain park’s more safe, but it will also cut down the amount of traffic in the park. Im sure that a less crowded and hectic park is something that everyone could appreciate. As you can see even though a park pass may seem like a hassle at times there are clearly some strong benefits to administering one.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments about the park pass!