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Northstar Park report 11/21/2012

Today I decided to head up to Northstar despite the rainy weather. When I first got there it was partially drizzling and very cloudy. However, after about an hour of skiing in the rain, the sun began to shine on through. It actually ended up being quite a nice day for skiing.

That being said, if you are looking for a fun pre-season park then Northstar is not the place for you. The park is extremely crowded and actually quite dangerous in my eyes. There is no organized flow and many of the people are just skiing for the first time without a care in the world of their surroundings. Furthermore, all the features are extremely small. I do understand that it is just the start of the season, but at least throw up a decent sized rail or two for the experienced riders.

The park starts out with the choice of a mini up flat bar (1 foot by 1 foot) on the skiers left hand side or a two foot flat box on the right. Next up is a skate style 12 foot flat box on the left side or a extremely wide 10 foot flat box.  Following the skate style flat box, is two down rails each about 12 feet long and both round bars. These are probably the two most fun features in the park. The only problem is that they are so close together that people scrubbing speed in between makes for some interesting bumps. On the right side of the run there is a small double barrel down rail.

The bottom part of the park is the most chaotic with two lines to choose from. On the skiers left there is a small 5 foot table, into an extremely wide flat-up box, ending with a t-bar stall. On the other hand, you can hit a 4 foot double barrel flat rail, into two extremely small rollers/jumps,  and end up with a 10 foot-up dance floor.

Overall, this park is only entertaining for about the first two runs. On the positive side of things, Northstar does offer two full-length groomer runs. As a result, if you are looking to make some real turns, than Northstar is the best place for you to go at the moment. However, if you want to ride a fun pre-season park then I would recommend you head up to Boreal.

I will be sure to give an update of Boreal’s park in the near future as I am heading up there tomorrow.